Can we make our community falls free?

Falling can be prevented. Most falls are the result of the Fear of Falling.  The person who is afraid of falling does not know what his/her limits are when reaching, stepping  etc. and, as a result,  he/she gets stiff and is unable to react the correct way. We can help you to prevent falls,  and we can even forecast the falls. Rehab Point has tools to validate this statement. Here in Rehab Point, your local Physical Therapy Practice,  we have tests which can project falls. Below there is a link to an article from " The Wall Street Journal" . We are glad that they mentioned our friends from Fyzical.  Together WE CAN make our community Falls Free but I can not do it alone.   I need your help. Tell your friends that they can be free of the Fear of Falling! By the way,  did I mention that you do not need a referral for a Risk of Fall evaluation? See you soon.