Rehab Point, Inc., is a full-service outpatient physical therapy center.

We take an integrated approach toward rehabilitation, wellness and fitness. High quality and personalized health care are offered to all patients and their families.

Our patients range from professionals, collegiates, high school athletes and weekend warriors, individuals of all ages (newborn to >100 years of age). All patients benefit from Physical Therapy treatment to eliminate pain and improve their quality of life.



We do care
about your health

  • Patient centered practice
  • Services rendered with passion
  • Commitment to patient's success
  • Proven results


that bring results

  • Contemporary, innovative approach
  • Quick fix with long results
  • Body awareness focus
  • Purpose and direction driven methods


Holistic approach
to your health

  • Treat the patient, not the diagnosis
  • Consider the person as a whole
  • Promote a healthier way of life
  • Achieve wellness from within

Purpose and Direction Driven Physical Therapy


Our approach combine Manual Therapy performed by the Physical Therapist and Movement Rehabilitation. Manual Therapy required advanced skills of education and  training as well years of experience utilization of  your hands to provide the treatments. Movement Rehabilitation is based on functional needs of the patient and may include: strength improvement, flexibility improvement, balance improvement, movement organization improvement, breathing reeducation and coordination training or gait training. Treatment is based on patient's needs. We provide you the ability to compare yourself with the Norms for your gender and age to allow you to make your own assessment of your needs to stay functionally independent for many years to come. You will be able to continue self screening yourself in the future to prevent injuries.

We are accepting  multiple insurance carriers, however, we also provide cash-based medicine, with fee-for-service physical therapy. Our fees are about 25% less than institution based facilities. We offer interest free payment plans.

We provide effective one-on-one - "Hands On Physical Therapy"  which is difficult to find in large companies. However, our approach is allowing you to decrease the number of visits while increasing the time you spend with Physical Therapist. It will also reduce overall cost and the time you spend  traveling to the facility for multiple short treatments.  Our proven past allows you to achieve desired results in a simple and affordable way. 

Florida is a Direct Access state which means that  NO physician script is required for Cash Based Physical Therapy, and most PPO insurances do not require physician script for Physical Therapy as well.  As a result, we can treat you now and you can take responsibility in your own hands. You can call to schedule an appointment for your evaluation today.  You do not have to wait days to be evaluated and treated.


At Rehab Point you will receive answers to the following questions:


  • What is causing my condition?
  • How long will it take to heal?
  • What can I do about it now?
  • What can Rehab Point do for me?

Imagine that you have the answers to these questions. It is time to stop imagining and to start living the solutions. Come reinvent and rejuvenate your life!



Since Rehab Point was established in 1999,

YOUR functional recovery is our passion.

We believe that these three elements are keys to success

Evaluation -  Treatment - Education



Every patient received an initial evaluation to establish an Individual Treatment Plan. We ask you to tell us about your problem, and your expectations from us and from yourself. Then, we discuss how we can help you. Together we will establish realistic goals a time-frame to achieve them.


The essence of our practice is individual attention with an holistic approach and one-on-one treatment with the therapist's hands guiding you through the movements to recovery. The therapist will use his hands applying gentle manual techniques to different parts of your body (not necessarily where you feel the pain) to facilitate tissue changes such as releasing tender points, and decreasing muscle and tissue tension. You will also participate in active exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Modalities such as: electro stimulation, ultrasound, infrared, and hydrotherapy can be part of your treatment. Treatment interventions will be based on evaluation.


Education is necessary for improvement. We will talk and talk to you, to be sure you understand what, in our opinion, is the root of your problem, and how you can change it. We are not the only ones who support the statement that education and communication are the keys to recovery. There is plenty of research that proves this. “The key to success is to do something right and then repeat it again and again.”