Our Patient's Success Stories:


Parkinson's Symptoms Treated Here should be the billboard for this facility.  When I arrived a year ago my left arm was near useless and my left leg hardly functional.  My depression was growing; because I saw no way that my decline was ever going to reverse.  I had seen others slowly succumb to this deadly disease.  Not so for me now.  After treatment by therapist Robert Dragan, there are now only minor outward symptoms.  
Robert's model is that the brain is able to take new routes to control and direct our muscular activity, and he has proven it with me.  Once this was shown as a possibility to me, I became willing to try and deal with my other symptoms, one by one.   Confidence returned and my overall mood improved.  With his encouragement and pushing, my daily activity, Robert did what I see as a miracle for me!  If anyone with Parkinson's needs help this is the place to go.
Robert Dragan's treatment varies with the need.  For me there were no mindless repetitive movement exercises, such as most PT specialists hand out as you depart.  Just simple and easy movements, that I could see improving each day.  Tai Chi was the introduction to show that arms and legs could be controlled despite the nervous system damage done by Parkinson's.
At the Rehab Point facility there is an unimaginable (at least compared to other PT facilities) variety of diagnostic and treatment devices.  The staff is professional, highly friendly and personable.  There is careful and thorough evaluation of the client, initially and then periodically.  Much of the evaluation is measured objectively and repeatable, with printed results.
Without real knowledge of other ailments that are treated here, this is a great place to get help with Parkinson's.


“When I came to PT the first time, I had lost my balance so as to fall into walls, stagger like a drunk. I was unsure of myself – although I never fell down, but came close. During my sessions, I have noticed improvement. The things I was taught… and simple things to do to fix the problem. I think the most important thing I was shown as time went on, I lost my FEAR. That seemed to be a great concern to me. On top of that – a great crew to work with."


“When I came here for treatment, I had headaches at the base of my skull. They made me feel tired, sleepy and I had to go and lie down for 1.5 hours in order to finish out my day. I was amazed at how quickly the headaches went away. I no longer felt like I had to sleep and my energy returned! I have arthritis in my hands, elbows, neck, shoulders, and back. I am not feeling the stiffness nor the pain after four weeks of treatment."


“When I came to see Robert, I was not able to stand from a sitting position without pulling or pushing myself up. My right knee was hurting and also my right hip had pain. Today I can stand without help – my knee does not hurt and I can get my foot up to my knee. I was also feeling tired and my neck was stiff and felt like I had it pushed down into my chest. After Robert worked on these areas, I can turn my neck – no stiffness or pain. The method Robert uses is so gentle and many times I didn’t feel the movement – for instance when he was turning my neck. I sleep well at night without even a Tylenol. I am so thankful to have been a patient here. I would recommend anyone to try his treatment if needed."


“I came to see Robert because I had surgery on my back. When I started physical therapy, there were movements that I thought I would never be able to do. But after my next couple of weeks, my movements became easier and I learned to walk and use muscles that I didn’t even know I had. At my last visit, I realized that I was able to move and relax my body so that I have no pain. Thank you, Robert."


"I have known Robert for 14 plus years through Rehab Point. He is a wonderful therapist who does hands on therapy on one to one. I originally started taking my husband to him who had Parkinson's disease. I was so impressed with his work that I have made him my "go to" therapist when I am in Fl. He has previously worked on my back and worked on my arms and shoulders this winter. His staff is very friendly and caring people. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends, family, or anyone else who needs a good therapist."


“ This is great! Today I learned how to communicate with my bones and muscles!! The treatment was an “adventure in learning” how to listen to each part of my body. It was an ‘aha’ moment when I figuratively climbed the stairs. Now I know that I’m on a new journey for life with knowledge what my body is capable to do. Thank you, Robert”