Why are we called Physical Therapy with results ?


We listen to what you say - you know your body better than anybody else. We will teach you how to listen to your own body (that will be a part of your recovery process and the beginning of a more active life).

We observe your posture and movement. We collect valuable information that will help us to identify your limitations, possible pains, and tender points.

We use our hands to evaluate tensions, movement quality, and movement limitations of various structures. We also use our hands to facilitate changes in your body and to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

We deliver the results to allow you to live free from pain and functional disability. 



We are proud to say that at Rehab Point we are focused on RESULTS!

In August 2011 we surveyed 100 of our past patients from the last two years.

A big thank you goes to all who participated in our recent survey. At Rehab Point, we not only like to know what is working, but are also interested to learn what you think about our services. Your feedback is most valuable as it helps us to continually improve our processes and services.

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" Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the  outcome."


            Arthur Ashe



Robert J. Dragan PT, C/NDT
Founder and owner of Rehab Point, Inc., graduated from Academy of Physical Education faculty of Physiotherapy in Warsaw, Poland, in 1991, with the title of Master of Movement Rehabilitation.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, moved to United States in 1993 and worked in  the National Rehabilitation Corporation "Nova Care" as a Facility Director in Detroit area, Michigan. 

1995 - Moved from Michigan to Wesley Chapel, and started to serve patients in Pasco County. He subsequently served thousands of patients in the Zephyrhills Hospital, as a home therapist in Pasco County and at Rehab Point, Inc.

During the past 15 years Robert enrolled in, and completed, more than 2,000 hours of continuous education. The courses were taught by world-renown and internationally-recognized Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopathic Physicians. This multi-disciplinary training allows him to practice Functional as well as Structural Therapy, which allows patients to gain a new, higher level of functional potential, and to go “beyond their expectations”.

Robert is an NDT /Bobath  certified therapist in the Management of Adults with Stroke and Brain Injury (https://www.ndta.org) and he is a Certified Clinical Instructor for Physical Therapy Students.

Robert is a Co-Founder, instructor and international speaker  of the Likewater Institute and MSKflossing program. (www.likewater.institute)

Robert is a Co-Founder of the Tightwire Inc. 

Memberships: American Physical Therapy Association, Florida Physical Therapy Association, and Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association.

Open Positions

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Assistant

We are looking for a physical therapist with a background in manual therapy who will consider part time. If you are tired of the hot packs and sending patient to exercise on the Gym equipment and would like to have the time to exercise your skills and to allow your patient's to get better. Please  fax your resume to 813-779-8827 or call 813-779-8829 for more information.



  • Licence PT/ Medicare number preferable
  • Motivation
  • Desire for result



IF you are PT , OT , Speech Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Tai Chi Instructor - we are open for business. We have plenty of space in our facility and we are ready to discuss terms of cooperation. You can work with us or you can bring your own patients/ clients and work with them in our facility. 

Please call to discuss 813-779-8829 or send an email to: contact@rehabpoint.com


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