Manual Therapy

Our Hands on treatment is used to eliminate pain as well as joint and soft tissue restrictions. There is a variety of specialized manual therapy techniques that we use during the course of treatment in order to restore your movement. They include Myofascial Release, Joint and Spine Mobilization, Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Visceral Mobilization, Strain Counterstrain, Craniosomatic Therapy and Neural Mobilization.

Therapeutic Exercises

Our unique and innovative “Purpose and direction driven exercise program” allows patients to improve their range of motion, flexibility, strength, balance, and muscle endurance. These exercises restore patient’s confidence by exploring their hidden potentials. Exercise is not about working harder, it is about working smarter.

Sport Specific Training

This form of training focuses on strength, agility, movement organization, and visualization. We provide a biomechanical analysis of specific movements to improve their effectiveness. Neuroscience studies have shown that body awareness and movement organization improvement allows for an increase of strength, flexibility and reaction time. One consultation offers as much as 10-15% improvement of these skills. Personal training sessions are also available.

Education                     Each diagnosis requires individualized response techniques as each                                     client’s potential for healing is unique. Our approach to healing                                           requires the patients’ commitment to become an integral part of                                         their own healing process. During the course of treatment, we offer                                     educational resources and support to ensure that every client has                                       an active role in their journey to better health.

Physical                        Electrotherapy includes electro stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, Modalities                    Anodyne equipment, and hydrotherapy. We use these modalities to                                     reduce pain, edema, sensitivity, spasms, and joint stiffness. These                                       approaches help to increase circulation in muscles, tendons, and                                         ligaments, and promote tissue healing.